Learning to build our own house.

We built this with a "false front" to keep in style with "the gold country."


   Shelly, our friend Doug and I Have been building on the property since April 2015. Our friend Doug is one hell of and amazing guy. He was an engineer on The Hubble Telescope among many other things and is teaching us as much as possible about how to build. Doug is a machine and can work circles around us. We just do our best to keep up. We have learned a lot, but mostly we've learned how little we know. Doug is an absolute wealth of knowledge and we are very lucky to have him as a friend!

   The first thing we built is a 350 sq. ft. kitchen with a bathroom, small office and a loft.

We started by having our friends Hal and Alan engineer our roads and trench for our power and water lines.

More to come...

While we were laying and covering power and water lines, I sanded primed and painted this old RV. We also poured a pad for it to sit on. Shelly and I have lived and worked out of it for a couple of years. I mixed the paint to match the color of the Manzanita trees that are so plentiful on the property. We have yet to build a cover for it, but it's coming.